The Stain & Apostles' Creed
Two Plays by Andrew Domingues Frade
Limited Edition 200 Autographed Pressing

Following the success of our first two Toronto Fringe Festival Productions (The Stain & Apostles' Creed). We've decided to sell a Limited Edition Pressing of these two plays. All books will be autographed by the playwright himself and can be purchased online or in store. Get them while you can! Don't miss this limited print edition because once they are sold out it is game over. 



Books can be purchased online through our secure PayPal account. Do not worry, you don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase the book. Online orders are for Canadian delivery only, email us for shipping outside of Canada.

Price: $9.95 / book
Shipping: $3.00 (Within Canada)
Total: $12.95